The passion for the Web
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The passion for the Web

We usually hear only good things about the Internet, but as any other thing on Earth it must have a dark side too. John Hagel, co-author of the best-seller The Power of Pull, believes the Internet is mounting pressure on all of us. He sees it as a device to intensify competition not just at a company level but also at an individual level.

Nowadays we are increasingly competing in a global talent market where our talents have a diminishing shelf-life. Any skill we have today will become obsolete in five years time. So if you are not continuously learning and improving your performance you get marginalized. The only way to keep up with today s fast paced world is to connect your passion with your profession.

If you are passionate about what you do instead of seeing this mounting pressure as stress, you approach it with excitement. You see it as an opportunity to get to your next level of performance, and you do whatever it takes to get there. A great part of getting there, is connecting with people that will help you overcome your challenge.

All human beings are born with passion but unfortunately the institutions that are part of our everyday lives, from school to the work environment, often squeeze that passion out of us. So the challenge is to reconnect with that passion.

Another challenge imposed by the Internet is keeping balance in your life. This is very hard when you work with people in multiple time zones. Joh Hagel recommends three methods to reach this balance:

* Connecting with People Outside Work: Use the Internet and physical mechanisms to connect with people outside work because unlike your coworkers they will let you know if you are overdoing it by working too much or stressing yourself more than you should.
* Setting Limits: You must understand that you cannot always be available, specially if you have a geographically distributed workforce. State clearly during which periods or days you will not be connected and avoid working on weekends and vacation. Nothing will fall apart because you are not connected.
* Filter and Prioritize: Connecting without consuming a large amount of time is essential to maximizing your work day. Use filters and prioritize your e-mails and any other type of communication. This also applies to meetings and events you attend to.

Hopefully Hagel s advice will help you better understand today?s world and face the Internet challenge more gracefully.

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